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Argentina may be famous for its pampas (lowlands), ranching, beef, and of course gauchos (cowboys, such as the one above and those in the video below).

But fewer people are aware that these characterise its much smaller next door neighbour, Uruguay, to an even greater extent.

If a divorce needs to take place, a beis din is flown over from Argentina to implement it.

In fact, unlike Argentina, here the pampas cover practically 90 percent of the country beyond the coast and capital Montevideo, and the gaucho tradition and culture is if anything a more defining aspect of national history.

(cattle and sheep ranches) still stand, and dozens of them these days open their doors to visitors (and, by the way, are often a better deal than their Argentine counterparts).

Rabbi Birnbaum, a native of Uruguay who is today an educator and dayan with Jerusalem’s chief rabbinate, is often a traveling partner on our “halachic adventures.” The final draw was an opportunity to share the adventure with a friend from the US, a rabbi who has been involved with supervision of the kosher slaughterhouses in the area for many years, who agreed to time a visit of his with our planned trip.

Figuring that Rabbi Spitz could put us in touch with some interesting local characters to get a sense of the local Jewish history and customs, we hit the ground running in order to start exploring.

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