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Arielle and Shaun White, American Snowboarder dated for about five months.

The affair started since early 2011 and ended in June 2011.

She was given the nickname "Hanoi Jane" and seen as a traitor for her support of the North Vietnamese.

But to retain a presence in baseball, Turner Sports signed a contract with MLB to air 26 Sunday afternoon games plus the entire League Division Series and one League Championship Series.

That deal lasted until 2014 when TBS signed a new deal, in essence paying more for less, losing 13 games to Fox/FS1, keeping a 13 game regular season package that would air after the All-Star Break and for the postseason, one Wild Card Game, two LDS and one LCS, all from one particular league.

Off screen, she was a civil rights and anti-war activist.

In the 1980s, the actress found success launching a series of aerobic-exercise videos.

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